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March 2011 issue

[The March issue is available as a 25MB PDF]

Jacob's story
A community helps

Jacob's story Make a splash

Make a splash
Swimming club

Shallow Waters
10-year-old's song makes waves
Shallow Waters Home made education Home made education
Why families choose homeschooling
Learning never ends
Oliver learns to scuba dive
Oliver learns to scuba dive Westwind Learning Centre Westwind Learning Center
Tutoring, languages and more
Quilting Queens
What makes them stitch
Quilting Queens Knit one, purl two Knit one, purl two
Great balls of Wool

Working together  
English as a second language  


  Survivor Man teaches life skills
  Jungle adventurer shares tales at Christian School


Our homeschool journey  
From Powell River to Guam  


  Making music
  Compilation CD in the works